In the spirit of Leonardo Da Vinci, Da Vinci's 3D Lounge is a cool place where you can learn how to create & share your art or invention while inspiring others to do the same.  With the combination of modern technology & old school craftsmanship, anything is possible at Da Vinci's 3D Lounge.
We offer
  3D Classes - Virtual Reality - 3D Printing - 3D Design - 3D Scanning - 3D CAD Programs - 3D Printer Sales & Supplies - Educational Camps - Birthday Parties - Tech Events - Guest Speakers - VIP Memberships
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3D Printing

What can you 3D Print?
Inventions - Prototypes - Scale Models
Cosplay Costumes - Replicas - Parts
Figurines - Custom Trophies - Jewelry

Virtual Reality

3D Scanning

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