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Da Vinci's 3D Lounge

Da Vinci’s 3D Lounge is a social gathering place inspired by the many talents of Leonardo da Vinci.

We invite you to join others in learning all about today's 3D technology and to create your own unique ideas and art.

​​By offering access & expert taught classes including CAD, Digital Illustration, 3D Rendering, 3D printing, Drones & Robotics, our goal is to inspire everyone to create their individual ideas & art and share them with the rest of the world.


In between classes, anyone & everyone is encouraged to hang out in the DL Lounge area to share their ideas with other fellow inventors & artists.

Da Vinci's 3D Lounge also hosts fun events & competitions like Design Competitions, Sumo Robot competitions, drone races, maker fairs, comic cons' and our very own "Shark Tank" event intended to highlight the inventions and art of

Da Vinci Lounge Club Members.

We live in an amazing era where advances in 3D technologies have bridged the gap between idea and the manifestation of that idea into reality.  With the aid of 3D technology anyone can create their ideas quickly and economically.  Our intent is to establish Da Vinci's 3D Lounge as place where ideas & opportunities are born.

Alex Lorenzo - President

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