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Welcome to Da Vinci's 3D Lounge

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At Da Vinci's 3D Lounge we are passionate about 3D technology and sharing that passion with others.  We understand that 3D Design along with 3D Printing is how innovative ideas are manifested into reality.

At Da Vinci's 3D Lounge we offer

FREE Tutorials.

Simply register for FREE to access our growing catalog of instructional videos & information on everything 3D.

In the spirit of Leonardo Da Vinci, Da Vinci's 3D Lounge is a cool place where you can learn how to create & share your art or invention while inspiring others to do the same.  With the combination of modern technology & old school craftsmanship, anything is possible at Da Vinci's 3D Lounge.
We offer
  3D Classes - Virtual Reality - 3D Printing - 3D Design - 3D Scanning - 3D CAD Programs - 3D Printer Sales & Supplies - Educational Camps - Birthday Parties - Tech Events - Guest Speakers - VIP Memberships
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3D Printing Services

$20 Per Hour + Volume Discounts

What can you 3D Print?
Inventions - Prototypes - Scale Models
Cosplay Costumes - Replicas - Parts
Figurines - Custom Trophies - Jewelry
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