Tiertime UP Fila Low Odor Premium ABS Filament,1KG (Pack of 500g×2 rolls),US Stock


  • Excellent Strength 
  • Engineered for UP Printers 
  • Consistent Diameter 
  • Low Odor 
  • Ready for Painting and Gluing


Tiertime ABS Filament

  • Built using biodegradable, plant-based material, UP Fila PLA Filaments from Tiertime are specifically engineered for UP 3D printers. These filaments have a diameter of 1.75mm, are environmentally friendly, provide excellent stability and low warping, can handle high-speed printing, are capable of achieving fine layer heights and strong definition, and provide good part quality and finish. Each order contains two rolls of filament, each of which weighs 500g.